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  • Zinc Sulfate

    Zinc Sulfate

    Zinc sulfate is also known as halo alum and zinc alum. It is a colorless or white orthorhombic crystal or powder at room temperature. It has astringent properties and is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is acidic and slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerin. . Pure zinc sulfate does not turn yellow when stored in the air for a long time, and loses water in dry air to become a white powder. It is the main raw material for the manufacture of lithopone and zinc salt. It can also be used as a mordant for printing and dyeing, as a preservative for wood and leather. It is also an important auxiliary raw material for the production of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber. In addition, it is also used in electroplating and electrolysis industries, and can also be used to make cables. Cooling water in industry is the largest consumption of water. The cooling water in the closed circulating cooling system must not corrode and scale the metal, so it needs to be treated. This process is called water quality stabilization, and zinc sulfate is used as a water quality stabilizer here.