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  • Triple Super Phosphate

    Triple Super Phosphate

    TSP is a multi-element fertilizer mainly containing high-concentration water-soluble phosphate fertilizer. The product is gray and off-white loose powder and granular, slightly hygroscopic, and the powder is easy to agglomerate after being damp. The main ingredient is water-soluble monocalcium phosphate [ca(h2po4)2.h2o]. The total p2o5 content is 46%, the effective p2o5≥42%, and the water-soluble p2o5≥37%. It can also be produced and supplied according to users' different content requirements.
    Uses: Heavy calcium is suitable for various soils and crops, and can be used as raw material for base fertilizer, top dressing and compound (mixed) fertilizer.
    Packing: plastic woven bag, net content of each bag is 50kg (±1.0). Users can also determine the packaging mode and specifications according to their needs.
    (1) Powder: gray and off-white loose powder;
    (2) Granular: The particle size is 1-4.75mm or 3.35-5.6mm, 90% pass.