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Diammonium phosphate, also known as diammonium hydrogen phosphate, diammonium phosphate, is a colorless transparent monoclinic crystal or white powder. The relative density is 1.619. Easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, acetone, and ammonia. Decompose when heated to 155°C. When exposed to the air, it gradually loses ammonia and becomes ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. The aqueous solution is alkaline, and the pH value of 1% solution is 8. Reacts with ammonia to generate triammonium phosphate.
The production process of diammonium phosphate: It is made by the action of ammonia and phosphoric acid.
Uses of diammonium phosphate: used as a fire retardant for fertilizers, wood, paper, and fabrics, and also used in medicine, sugar, feed additives, yeast and other aspects.
It gradually loses ammonia in the air and becomes ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. The water-soluble quick-acting fertilizer is used in various soils and various crops. It can be used as seed fertilizer, base fertilizer and top dressing. Do not mix it with alkaline fertilizers such as plant ash, lime nitrogen, lime, etc., so as not to reduce fertilizer efficiency.

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(1) Fully water-soluble
(2)Consists of 100% plant nutrients
(3)Highly-concentrated source of phosphorus and nitrogen (as ammonia ) for plants
(4)Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
(5)Excellent for low pH or alkaline soils
(6)Suitable for the fertigation, foliar application and production of fertilizer blends and nutrient solutions

Fertilizer grade diammonium phosphate DAP and NPK fertilizer P2O5: 46% N:18%

Dark Brown Granular DAP 18-46-0

Diammonium Phosphate (Ammonium hydrogen phosphate, DAP, Di-ammonium Phosphate) Granular is easy soluble in water and used as a high effective nitrogen and phosphate – two of the macro-nutrients fertilizer in agriculture. Also can be use in NPK compound fertilizers & BB fertilizers as a basic raw material. DAP Granular does not contain chloride and are widely used for almost kind of crops and soil.

Chloride-free & Low-sulfur Content Fertilizer

DAP Granular is commonly used universal fertilizer which can be applied as seedling, base dressing fertilizer for field crops and vegetables, as top- dressing fertilizer in orchards, especially suitable for phosphorus-loving crops such as sugarcane and water chestnut. DAP Granular can be used to fertilize many soil types in paddy field and non-enough irrigated farmland which deficiency of phosphorus.

Granular Di-ammonium Phosphate DAP 18-46-0

DAP Granular is the most widely used fertilizer as a source of both phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen. It contains 18% of nitrogen in ammonia form and 46% of phosphorus as ammonium phosphate. The high phosphorus content makes it a true high energy fertilizer. Ammonia nitrogen of DAP can be not leached from soil and can be slowly uptake by crops, it facilitates phosphorus uptake, but limits excessive uptake of potassium. Phosphorus form of is easy available in soil and generally not mobile in soil, DAP granular should depth application in the soil with 2-5cm distance near the root of the crops for available absorb.

DAP Granular is alkaline with a high pH. It is incompatible with alkaline chemicals because its ammonium ion is more likely to convert to ammonia in a high-pH environment. DAP granular is excellent suitable for low pH or alkaline soil, also can be apply to the soil in water deficiency conditions. But over a long term the treated soil becomes more acidic than before upon nitrification of the ammonium.

High nitrogen and phosphorus binary fertilizer, common specifications: physical neutral fertilizer, applicable to any soil and the vast majority of crops, particularly applicable to xi ammonium phosphate crops, as basic fertilizer or fertilizer, appropriate is deep.Used as a curing agent of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives, with a 20% aqueous solution, curing speed of the slowest.Also used as additive flame retardants.If adding a small amount of DAP, natural rubber latex can effectively eliminate the magnesium ions in latex, does not reduce the tensile strength of the natural latex after vulcanization.

Diammonium phosphate is a kind of high concentration quick effect fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of crops and soil, especially for nitrogen-loving and phosphorous crops.

It is easy to dissolve in water, less solid matter after dissolving, suitable for various crops to need nitrogen and phosphorus elements, especially suitable for dry areas with little rain as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer

Diammonium phosphate(DAP) is a widely used as a source of P and N fertilizer which Excellent for low pH or alkaline soils
Non Agricultural Uses
Used as a fire retardant.
Used as a yeast nutrient in winemaking and brewing mead.
Used as an additive in some brands of cigarettes purportedly as a nicotine enhancer.
Used as a Flux for soldering tin, copper, zinc and brass.

Control precipitation of alkali-soluble and acid-insoluble colloidal dyes on wool..

High quality Diammonium phosphate DAP 18-46-0
1.brown or yellow granular
2. Using Phosphoric acid and liquid Ammonia as raw materials to produce DAP.
3. Fully soluble in water, easy absorbing, high efficiency, free of CI & Hormones.
4. Suitable for all crops, contains high concentration of both phosphaorus and nitrogen.
6. In the food industry, it is used as a food leavening agent, a dough conditioner, a yeast foodstuff, and a brewing fermentation aid.
7. It is used for printing plate making, manufacturing of electron tubes, ceramics, enamel,etc., and biochemical treatment of waste water.
8.Used in petrochemical industry.

Diammonium phosphate is soluble in water, dissolved solid less,Suitable for various crops on nitrogen and phosphorus, especially suitable for fertilizer, in the drought area for base fertilizer, top application and seed fertilizer.

Diammonium Phosphate DAP18-46-0 fertilizer is an excellent source of P2O5 and nitrogen for plant nutrition. It is highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate and ammonium. A notable property of Diammouium Phosphate DAP18-46-0 is the alkaline PH that develops around the dissolving granule.

Nutrients include P2O5(46%) and ammoniacal Phosphate DAP 18-46-0 is the alaline PH that develops around the dissolving granule.

Nutrients include P2O5(46%)and ammoniacal nitrogen(18%).DAP provides the correct proportion of phosphate and nitrogen needed for farming wheat, barley and vegetables. It is also applied in the early stage of fruit orchard fertilization.

Items Specification
Total N+P2O5 64% min
N 18% min
P2O5 46% min
Moisture 3% max
Granular Size 1-4mm 90% min

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