Zinc Sulfate

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Zinc sulfate is also known as halo alum and zinc alum. It is a colorless or white orthorhombic crystal or powder at room temperature. It has astringent properties and is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is acidic and slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerin. . Pure zinc sulfate does not turn yellow when stored in the air for a long time, and loses water in dry air to become a white powder. It is the main raw material for the manufacture of lithopone and zinc salt. It can also be used as a mordant for printing and dyeing, as a preservative for wood and leather. It is also an important auxiliary raw material for the production of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber. In addition, it is also used in electroplating and electrolysis industries, and can also be used to make cables. Cooling water in industry is the largest consumption of water. The cooling water in the closed circulating cooling system must not corrode and scale the metal, so it needs to be treated. This process is called water quality stabilization, and zinc sulfate is used as a water quality stabilizer here.

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1.Zinc sulfate is a kind of important abio-chemical material, which has sorts of function in the industrial field . It is mainly used in the production of man-made fibril concretion, and also used as intermediary dyed reagent in the dying field.

2. It works as fertilizer and animal feed. Zinc Sulfate functions as activator in the medicine industry.

3.The food grade product can be used as nutritious supplement,etc.

4. Zinc sulfate is a significant material of zinc compound,dye,lithopone, in-zinc activator, electrolysed zinc , electroplated zinc, and also mucilage glue fibre. In addition, it functions as preserving material of wood and leather.

5. Feed
– Raw material for the production of zinc-barium powder and other zinc salts.

– Supplemental material for viscose fiber and vinylon fiber, printing & dyeing agent, wood and leather agent, and circulating cooling water treatment, etc.

7. Fertilizer
– Applied to electric plating, mineral selection, prevention of the diseases of fruit tree saplings
– In agriculture, it can be used as fertilizer and feed additive, etc.

Zinc sulphate monohydrate (ZnSO4.h2o) is mainly used as raw material for the production of lithopone and zincsalts. It is  also used  in synthetic fiber industry,  zpt, zinc plating,pesticides, flotation, fungicide and water purification. In agriculture, it is mainly used in feed additive and trace element fertilize, etc.

The zinc sulfate hydrates, especially the heptahydrate, are the primary forms used commercially. The main application is as a coagulant in the production of rayon .

It is also a precursor to the pigment lithopone.

Zinc sulfate is used to supply zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural sprays. 

Zinc sulfate, like many zinc compounds, can be used to control moss growth on roofs.

It is used as in electrolytes for zinc plating, as a mordant in dyeing, as a preservative for skins and leather and in medicine as an astringent and emetic

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

1.Used as micro fertilizer in agriculture

2.Used as feed additive for zinc fortifier

3.Apply in producing lithopone and zinc salt

4.Used as emetic in medicine 

Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate

1.Used as micro fertilizer in agriculture

2.Apply in producing lithopone and zinc salt

3.Used as emetic in medicine

Zinc Sulphate is mainly used as raw material for the production of lithophone and zinc salts. It is also used in synthetic fiber industry, zinc plating , pesticides, flotation, fungicide and water purification. In agriculture, it is mainly used in feed additive and trace element fertilize, etc.

1.Zinc sulphate/sulfate monohydrate  is widely used as a nutrient for animal zinc deficiency and  feed additive for stockbreeding;at the same time used as trace element fertilizer to prevent crops from Zn deficiency and increase crop yields

2.Agriculture Spray :Zinc sulphate/sulfate monohydrate is Used as a spraying pesticides agent for the disease of fruit tree and young plants;

3.Zinc sulphate/sulfate monohydrate is widely used  as a coagulant in the production of rayon,as a mordant in dyeing , a precursor to the pigment lithopone and  as a preservative for skins and leather.

4.Zinc sulphate/sulfate monohydrate is also used  as Electrolyte for zink plating and the production of zinc by electrolysis

5.Zinc sulfate heptahydrate can be used as mordant dyeing, wood preservatives, paper bleaching agent, it can be also used in medicine, synthetic fibers, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticides and production of zinc, etc.

6.It can be used for the preparation of zinc medicine, astringents, etc.

7.It can be used as mordant, wood preservatives, bleach paper industry, it is also used in medicine, synthetic fibers, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticides and production of zinc, etc.

8.Zinc sulfate is zinc supplement of dietary, the component of many enzymes, proteins, such as ribose animals involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and it can catalyze interconversion of pyruvate and lactate, it can promote growth. Zinc deficiency can lead to incomplete keratosis, stunted growth and deterioration of the hair, and it can affect animal reproductive function.

9.Zinc sulfate is allowed to use in food supplements of zinc. China allows to use it in salt, the used of amount is 500mg /kg; in foods for infants and young children is 113 ~ 318mg / kg; in dairy products is 130 ~ 250mg / kg; in grains and their products is 80 ~ 160rag / kg; in liquid and drink milk drinks is 22.5 ~ 44mg / kg.

10. It is mainly used for man-made fibers coagulating liquid. In printing and dyeing industry, it is used as mordant, salt-stained blue Lamine alkali agent. It is main raw material of manufacturing inorganic pigments (e.g. lithopone), other zinc salts (e.g. zinc stearate, basic zinc carbonate) and zinc-containing catalyst. It is used as wood preservatives and leather, bone glue clarifying and preserving agents. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used as emetic. It can also be used to prevent diseases and fruit tree nurseries and cable manufacturing zinc fertilizer and so on. It can be used as nutritional supplements (zinc enhancer) and the like in food-grade product.

11. It can be used as analytical reagents, mordant and the phosphor matrix.

Items  ZnSO4.H2O Powder ZnSO4.H2O Granular ZnSO4.7H2O
Appearance White Powder  White Granular White Crystal
Zn%min 35 35.5 33 30 25 21.5 21.5 22
As 5ppm max
Pb 10ppm max
Cd 10ppm max
PH Value 4
Size —— 1-2mm 2-5mm ——
Package 25kg.50kg.500kg.1000kg.1250kg bag and OEM color bag

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