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The advantage of compound fertilizer is that it has comprehensive nutrients, high content, and contains two or more nutrient elements, which can supply the multiple nutrients needed by crops in a relatively balanced manner and for a long time. Improve the effect of fertilization. Good physical properties, easy to apply: The particle size of compound fertilizer is generally more uniform and less hygroscopic, which is convenient for storage and application, and is more suitable for mechanized fertilization. There are few auxiliary components and no adverse effects on the soil.

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Compound fertilizer refers to chemical fertilizers containing two or more nutrients. The compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, less auxiliary components and good physical properties. It is very important for balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high yield and stable yield of crops. The role.

However, it also has some shortcomings, such as its nutrient ratio is always fixed, and the types, quantities and proportions of nutrients required for different soils and different crops are diverse. Therefore, it is best to conduct soil testing before use to understand the texture and nutritional status of the soil in the field, and also pay attention to the application with unit fertilizer to get better results.

The total nutrient content of the compound fertilizer is generally high, and there are many nutrient elements. The compound fertilizer is applied at one time, and at least two main nutrients of the crop can be supplied at the same time.

Uniform Structure
For example, ammonium phosphate does not contain any useless by-products, and its anion and cation are the main nutrients absorbed by crops. The nutrient distribution of this fertilizer is relatively uniform. Compared with the powdery or crystalline unit fertilizer, the structure is tight, the nutrient release is uniform, and the fertilizer effect is stable and long. Due to the small amount of sub-components, the adverse effect on the soil is small.

Good Physical Properties
The compound fertilizer is generally made into granules, has low hygroscopicity, is not easy to agglomerate, is convenient for storage and application, and is particularly convenient for mechanized fertilization.

Storage And Packaging
Since the compound fertilizer has less side components and the active ingredient content is generally higher than that of the unit fertilizer, it can save packaging, storage and transportation costs. For example, each storage of 1 ton of ammonium phosphate is equivalent to about 4 tons of superphosphate and ammonium sulphate.

Ferticell-npk is the most powerful soil organic fertilizer for agricultural soils. It has in it the active ingredients of nutrients essential for enhancing the fertility and productivity of the soil in the most balanced way.

The macro and micro-nutrient components in Ferticell-npk are so integrated that they effectively interact to provide and enrich the nutrient base of the soil in the most efficient and effective manner, yet being most economic. Thus, apart from replenishing the soil and providing the crop with macro-nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate and potash, Ferticell-npk also enriches the soil with essential micro-nutrients and Calcium.

Moreover, Ferticell-npk also increases the organic matter content of the soil along with the major and minor nutrients which are also organic based in Ferticell-npk. The combined interaction of the nutrient ingredients in Ferticell-npk integrates the soil with the full range of nutrients within a relatively short time, and their effects last longer for the standing crop to benefit directly. By optimally utilizing these nutrients from the soil, crop productivity in the Ferticell-npk treated plots greatly increases as reflected in the high yields and quality of the crops. Ferticell-npk is therefore unique in its action in stabilising and enhancing the nutrient status of the soil, and thereby increasing crop productivity.

Our product contains upp to 25 % easy to absorb P2O5 completed with the best minerals needed by plants, with it’s 100% organic form, will deliver the best taste and the best harvest result to your farm and keep your soil in it’s best performance.

Content a mix of Protein Nitrogen derived from plants 100% fast soluble.

Organic plant extract derived from unicellular alga and plants to promote plant grow stimulation and soil activity.

High quality and quantity of soluble Potassium

Also content Calcium upp to 25% , Magnesium and other micronutrients.

The unique biological combination of Ferticell-npk not only optimizes the nutrient utilization by the plant for better crop growth and improvement of soil fertility, but is

also economic as well. Some of the long term effects of Ferticell-npk include :

1. Improving physical structure of the soil
By improving overall physical characteristics of the soil and increasing soil organic level, Ferticell-npk prevents physical compactation of soil, improves soil aeration and prevents leaching losses.

2. Improving biological properties of the soil
Ferticell-npk encourages the microbial activities in the soil, increasing thereby the organic matter dicomposition, leading to improved soil productivity.

3. Improving synergism with Chemical fertilizers
Ferticell-npk not only releases nitrogen, phosphate and potash in a manner easily absorbed by plants, but interacts very positively with inorganic fertilisers as well. This interaction allows better and greater utilisation of nutrients, particularly nitrogen by at least 70%.

Method of application
Application in split dosages is always desirable to avoid excess application. Can be used with any application or irrigation system foliar, drip, sprinkler. etc.

NPK compound fertilizer, the main nutrients vital to plants by weight are called macronutrients, including: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) (i.e. N-P-K). Ammonia is main source of nitrogen. Urea is the main product for making nitrogen available to plant. Phosphorous is made available in form of super phosphate, Ammonium phosphate. Muriate of Potash (Potassium Chloride) is used for supply of PotassiumNPK fertilizers are soil amendments applied to promote plant growth, the main nutrients added in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, other nutrients are added in smaller amounts.

It is a quick or slow acting manure in high concentration. It could meet the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium requirement of various crops and plants, using as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top application, especially in the drought, rainless area with deep placement. It could be widely used in vegetables, fruits, paddy rice and wheat, especially in deficient soil.



High Nitrogen





High Phosphorus

12-24-12 +Te



13-40-13 +Te


High Potassium








15-15-15 +Te

16-16-16 +Te

17-17-17 +Te

18-18-18 +Te

19-19-19 +Te

20-20-20 +Te


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